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Founders: Paul & Michelle Tack
As a former architecture design and marketing manager, Michelle began looking for a creative outlet in 1996. She was on leave with the birth of Clare, and an out of state friend gave her a bracelet with the kid?s names. This favorite gift became the inspiration for starting MotherLinks Jewelry. Creating brag-wear was the perfect combination of a creative outlet and kid focus. Through the years MotherLinks has grown from a small box of beads to a home studio design business. The original bracelet design for mom has expanded to several design options for mom, grandma, little girls, rosaries, and awareness designs. The business now offers sample shows in your home, workshops, parties, and fundraising. In 2012, Amy Hartke took over the business after a few years of helping Michelle during the busy season. The heart of MotherLinks business, as from the start, is designing keepsakes to represent the ones you love!

What makes MOTHERLINKS unique
We pride ourselves in the variety and originality of our designs, outstanding quality of materials and prompt customer service. MotherLinks does not advertise as all of our sales come from customer referral. If you love your bracelet, please tell your friends about us! Private design sessions are available in our studio. Call for an appointment below.

MOTHERLINKS business history
Begun in 1996 and formerly an exclusive trunk show in specialty boutiques and in Chicagoland Nordstrom stores - MotherLinks jewelry is now available directly to customers through our website, direct mail, phone and personal home show presentations. By dealing directly with our clients, MotherLinks can offer better pricing and more design options. Over the years we have earned a reputation for our superior quality and beautiful designs and excellent customer service.

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