What method of payment does MotherLinks accept?
Web/Online/Phone Orders- Personal Check or Cash at pick up

Is online shopping secure?
YES! All orders are processed through AlohaCart secure servers.

How long will order take?
Most orders are shipped within 3 weeks of order date. Please allow extra time before Mother's Day and Christmas.

How do you know what size to make the bracelets?
Please see Wrist Size section of our site at right.

What if my bracelet dosen't fit?
Please send it back. Include a note with the return telling me how much length to add and include your address and phone number.

What are the beads strung on?
We use a strong and flexable beading wire called "Softflex" or "Acculon". These are strong and won't kink like standard bead wire ("Tigertail")

What if I need to add another child's name or birthstone to my bracelet?
Just send it back to me with instructions as to name, birthmonth, etc. and where you need it sent back. Allow 2 weeks and there is a restring/mailing fee of $12/$6 for bracelets.

What is 14k Goldfill?
Goldfill is real gold that is bonded to an alloy. It won't tarnish and should hold up well for daily wear.

How do I clean my bracelet?
Sterling silver will tarnish over time and more quickly if exposed to humidity and water. To clean use a polish cloth and rub tarnished areas back to shine. DO NOT USE DIP CLEANERS! Many are harsh and will harm beads. Also note - do not swim with silver beaded bracelets. Beads will tarnish immediately.

How should I store my bracelet when it's not on my wrist?
The best way to keep your sterling from tarnishing when you aren't wearing it is to put it in a ziploc bag with an anti-tarnish strip inside.

What do you charge for shipping?
We use Priority Mail to ship all internet orders. Shipping charges: $0-$25 - $2.50; over $25 - $6; priority mail, overnight $15. PLEASE NOTE: orders placed less than 2 weeks before a holiday are subject to additional "RUSH" charges. Please call before placing late holiday on-line orders.

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